Did President Trump Say Suicide Bombers Should Get the Death Penalty?

Maybe this news should be delivered with a wink.

  • Published 7 May 2019
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U.S.President Donald Trump said that suicide bombers should get the death penalty.


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In late April 2019,several social media usersstarted sharingaquoteostensibly uttered by U.S.President Donald Trump concerning his alleged belief that suicide bombers should get the death penalty:

The joke here,of course,is that sentencing someone to death who is already dead is a bit redundant,and that if this quote were real,Trump didn't realize the statement is illogical.

But this is not a genuine quote from the president.

The idea that he said suicide bombers deserve the death penalty comes from asatirical article publishedby the website打破城镇in May 2017.

That article,entitled "Trump Fires Up Base With Call For Death Penalty For Suicide Bombers," contained several fictitious quotes from Trump expressing this illogical viewpoint:

"Anyone who terrorizes and kills good people by suicide bombing deserves nothing less than the highest penalty,which is to pay with their life."

"If you detonate yourself with high explosives in the United States,I will make you regret it.Believe me."

"Our vengeance will be swift against those extremists who blow themselves up."

打破城镇is a satirical publication.A disclaimer on the网站reads: "Welcome to Breaking Burgh,a satirical blog serving Western Pennsylvania and beyond.In case you read that too quickly,it's SATIRE,so put that lawyer back in your pocket."

We'veencountereda number of suchfalse rumorsaimed at mocking Trump'sintelligence.