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WASHINGTON (AP) — The "Medicare for All" legislation that's become a clarion call for progressives has two little-noticed provisions that could make it even more politically perilous for 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

白宫希望参议员的立法。Bernie Sanders除了房子里的类似措施,取消对该国人民的政府医疗保险的非法限制,取消对纳税人资助的堕胎的长期限制。

Embracing the changes will give Democratic candidates a boost with the party's liberal base in a wide-open primary fight.但这样的分裂性问题可能会使最终提名者在中间寻求选民。唐纳德·特朗普总统谴责全民医疗保险为“社会主义”,移民和堕胎问题是特朗普政治基础的动力。

珍妮特·罗伯特说:“看来,法案的作者们只是想迎合民主党的积极分子。”反堕胎倡导团体民主党终身主席。“你看不到这是来自民主党人,他们在更多农村地区的社区中运作。You don't just need votes from Democratic activists to win the election."

但是克里斯汀·林奇,a spokeswoman for 2020 Democratic hopeful Sen.新泽西州的科里·布克,said the senator believes "it is imperative that all residents of the U.S.have affordable,包括“全面的生殖保健”在内的优质健康保险。布克是桑德斯法案的共同发起人。

Other Democratic senators running for president have also signed on to their Vermont colleague's legislation: Kirsten Gillibrand of New York,加利福尼亚的卡马拉·哈里斯,and Elizabeth Warren of New York.Their offices did not respond to requests for comment.

在参议院之外,民主党候选人皮特·布蒂吉格(PeteButgieg)2020年的一位发言人说,他支持取消目前对纳税人为堕胎提供资金的限制。Buttigieg南本德市长,印第安娜generally supports covering 金博宝 ios appimmigrants even if they are in the country illegally,但她说他得看看具体情况。

Neither Sanders' bill nor the similar measure in the House has a realistic chance of becoming law,参议院由共和党控制,特朗普在白宫。But the House bill will get committee hearings this year,支持者们也在敦促投票。

到目前为止,the debate has centered on the bill's promise of quality care with no premiums or copays versus its potentially huge costs.增加移民和堕胎的做法有不同的方向。

“移民”和“堕胎”这两金博宝 ios app个词在桑德斯的法案中没有出现,预计很快会重新推出,or in House legislation from Democratic Reps.Pramila Jayapal of Washington and Debbie Dingell of Michigan.Instead the legislation refers to U.S.“住院”和“综合生殖”护理。

所有账单的医疗保险都将覆盖每一个美国居民,delegating the health and human services secretary to define residency.The House bill also prohibits the government from denying benefits because of "citizenship status." Both bills call for steps to deter immigration for the "sole purpose" of getting free medical care.

That's different from former President Barack Obama's health care law,这限制了美国的利益。citizens or nationals,and "lawfully present" 金博宝 ios appimmigrants.无党派移民政策研究所估计,美国大约有600万人。未经法律许可,未投保者。

"Everyone,no matter who they are or what services they need,must have access to quality affordable health care," said Dingell.She said she's looking to start "conversations across the country to build the consensus that will ensure every person gets the health care coverage they need."

关于堕胎,这两项法案基本上都将废除海德修正案,the term for federal laws stretching back more than 40 years that prohibit taxpayer money for abortions,except in cases of rape,乱伦or to save the life of the woman.这种限制不适用于所有人的医疗保险。and comprehensive reproductive care would be a covered benefit.


Supporters of abortion rights say that's a long-overdue recognition of shifts in society and the power of women in the Democratic Party.

"You had this election where women in particular showed up because health care is front-and-center in their minds," said Leila Abolfazli,她专门研究国家妇女法律中心的联邦政策。"It makes sense that if you are going to do a new type of health care system it would include the full range of reproductive health services."

民意调查显示,美国人普遍支持堕胎权利,但在政府是否应该支付问题上存在分歧。大约十分之六的人认为堕胎在所有或大多数情况下都是合法的,according to a Pew Research Center poll from last fall.2018年早些时候,一项公共宗教研究所的民意调查发现,51%的美国人表示,政府为低收入妇女提供的保险项目不应为堕胎服务买单。46%的人认为应该。

On immigration,盖洛普最近的一项民意调查发现,大约五分之四的美国人支持让在美国非法居住的人在满足某些要求的情况下成为公民。

国家移民法律中心的索尼娅·施瓦茨说:“我们不会永远为你的移民身份而争论不休。代表移民主张。金博宝 ios app

但是R.J.Hauman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform,支持移民限制,说全民医保将成为一个“拉动因素”,吸引更多的移民到美国。金博宝 ios app


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