所有关于snopes的问题,188bet ios app回答。

谁在snopes工作?188bet ios app
188bet ios app斯诺普斯一直在调查民间传说,urban legends,hoaxes,模因and rumors on the internet for more than 25 years.It began as something of a hobby and has grown considerably since.现在our teamof researchers,作家,开发人员,and support staff is probably greater than you can fit in a large passenger van,尽管我们还没有进行过科学的测试。

“snopes”是什么188bet ios app意思?
188bet ios appSnopes is the name of a family of characters who appear throughout the works of American writer William Faulkner.

当大卫·米克尔森creator of 188bet ios appsnopes.com,20世纪80年代末开始在互联网上出版,he worried even back in those relatively uncrowded days that no one would remember yet another David.He was inspired to adopt a nom-de-Net,选择一个尊重那些虚构的福克纳人的角色,and began signing his newsgroups posts as "188bet ios appsnopes."

Over the years 188bet ios appsnopes established a reputation for his ability to thoroughly research and debunk false claims.到了命名域名的时候,188bet ios appsnopes.com似乎是显而易见的选择。


Is 188bet ios appSnopes partisan?
Are we Republicans or Democrats?保守派还是自由派?政府支持者还是反对派的秘密资助工具?According to our readers,we're all those things.不知怎的,我们已经完成了一个惊人的壮举,那就是在所有可能的方向上都有明显的偏见。

What makes 188bet ios appSnopes a reliable resource?
188bet ios appSnopes has been independently verified by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN),其核心原则如下:"non-partisanship and fairness,来源的透明度,transparency of funding and organization,方法的透明度,and open and honest corrections policy."

Of course,we don't expect anyone to accept us as the ultimate authority on any topic.没有单一来源,无论多么可靠,是绝对正确的。任何人都可能犯错误。Or get duped.Or have a bad day at the fact-checking bureau.

However,unlike so many anonymous individuals who create and spread unsigned,互联网上没有来源的信息,我们在snopes.com上展示我们的工188bet ios app作。Research materials used in the preparation of any particular page are listed so that readers who wish to verify the validity of our information may check those sources for themselves.只需点击文章底部的“来源”按钮。

Feeling skeptical?这可能是个好兆头。Keep looking for more information.We will,也是。


Is 188bet ios appSnopes hiring?
感谢您的关注。If we are recruiting for any positions,我们将在我们的网站上提供这些信息。


对!我们总是欢迎读者的提示和询问。Send us links to articles,社交媒体帖子,或使用我们的接触形式.If you have screenshots or other relevant attachments,单击联系人窗体上的“添加文件”按钮。Include as much information as possible,including when and where you came across the information in question.

Due to the volume of correspondence we receive every day,很遗憾,我们可能无法亲自回复您。

好奇我们是否已经研究过索赔问题?在我们的网站搜索中输入一两个关键字。Searches that are too lengthy or specific tend to produce fewer results.

To keep up with the latest fact checks published on 188bet ios appSnopes.com,订阅我们的时事通讯.

snopes在寻找什么提示188bet ios app?
188bet ios appSnopes cannot investigate every dubious claim ever published,所以我们每天都在努力解决最突出的问题。换言之,我们写的是,无论在任何特定的时间有多少读者在询问或寻找什么,without any partisan considerations.

The items we address include (but are not limited to):

  • text circulated online
  • 社交媒体帖子
  • images or memes
  • 照片和视频
  • printed material
  • 其他网站和出版物的文章

If any questionable materials come across your screen that you cannot confirm or debunk yourself,let us know.Be sure to include a link or a screenshot if you can.

我们没有地址,without exception,我们的每一个项目。例如,we may decline to undertake a given topic because it is beyond our scope (e.g.,回答问题“上帝存在吗?”)或代表与我们的网站不相关或不适合的主题(例如,speculating about a given celebrity's sexual orientation).

Due to the volume of submissions we receive,很遗憾,我们可能无法亲自回复您。Know that we are very appreciative of you taking the time to engage with 188bet ios appSnopes.com.

What is your fact-checking process?

In general,每个条目都被分配给我们的编辑人员中的一个,他们负责进行初步研究并编写事实检查的初稿。

我们的研究通常从(只要可能)尝试联系索赔来源以获得详细说明和支持信息开始。We also attempt to contact individuals and organizations who would be knowledgeable about,或具有相关专业知识,手头的主题,以及搜索印刷信息(新闻文章,科学和医学杂志文章,书,面试记录,统计来源)与主题有关。

我们试图使用非党派信息和数据源(例如,同行评审期刊,government agency statistics) as much as possible,and to alert readers that information and data from sources such as political advocacy organizations and partisan think tanks should be regarded with skepticism.

根据主题的性质和复杂性,other members of the editorial staff may contribute additional research (or their own personal expertise) and editing.最终的产品将由至少一位编辑通过。任何一个或多个编辑认为不符合我们的标准的作品在发布前都要经过进一步的修订和审查。

We have long observed the principle that we write about whatever items the greatest number of readers are asking about or searching for at any given time,without any partisan considerations.

We don't choose (or exclude) items for coverage based on whether they deal with Republican/Democratic,保守/自由,or religious/secular issues.We also don't impose our own judgments about whether a given item's perceived importance,争议,显而易见,或是肤浅(或缺乏)值得我们去解决。(We are,of course,我们可用资源和人员所能覆盖的范围有限。)

The inputs we use to determine reader interest include the tabulation of terms entered into our search engine,读者电子邮件提交,comments and items posted to our Twitter and Facebook accounts,外部社交媒体帖子,what's trending on Google and social media sites,and items flagged for review by Facebook users as part of our伙伴关系与脸谱网。

What's the deal with your rating system?
Distilling the veracity of a topic or event into a one-word assessment can be challenging.有时贴上“真”或“假”的标签是不合适的,或者它不能说明整个故事。Our rating system has a variety of labels so we can be accurate,clear,公平。注意每件物品的索赔声明很重要,as the specific wording of the claim is what the rating evaluates.

除了事实检查之外,188bet ios appSnopes publishes original news stories,in-depth investigations,以及其他我们认为有助于读者理解和语境化他们所遇到的信息的材料。


To stay up-to-date on all 188bet ios appSnopes content,订阅我们的时事通讯

我如何安排一个snopes事实核查员或工作人员参188bet ios app加我的活动或在我的活动中发言?
Thank you for thinking of us.请使用我们的contact form.

I heard you work with Facebook.What do you do for them?
Along with about a half dozen other fact-checking organizations,我们加入了Facebook的第三方事实检验实验.我们的目标是帮助Facebook用户在错误信息进入他们的新闻源时变得更加清楚。

What is your corrections policy?
Our policy is to promptly correct errors of fact and to clarify any potentially confusing or ambiguous statements in our articles.读者可以通过我们的接触形式.


更正印刷错误,misspellings,or other minor revisions not deemed substantive by our editors are not noted.


In general,when a political piece is primarily an editorial or other expression of opinion,我们将其标记为这样,并试图验证属性是否正确(因为观点是不可证伪的,the attribution is the sole aspect of the piece that may be objectively determined as being true or false).当一篇政治文章声称提供事实时,我们把它放在一个相关的类别中,并分析其中的真实性声明。

Why are some true stories labeled as ‘urban legends' or ‘legend'?
An urban legend is not the same thing as a fictional tale or an apocryphal anecdote,尽管许多人在这个意义上错误地使用了这个词(例如,"That's not true;这只是一个城市传奇!”).

A tale is considered to be an urban legend if it circulates widely,is told and retold with differing details (or exists in multiple versions),and is said to be true.无论故事中描述的事件是否真的发生,都与其作为城市传奇的分类无关。

例如,关于一个学生错误的数学问题被认为是家庭作业无法解决的,并且解决了它的故事是一个城市传奇,even though something very similar did once happen in real life.The tale is still an urban legend,however,because over the years many of its details (i.e.,当它发生时,发生的地方,学生的身份,the reaction of the student's instructor) have changed as it has spread.

How about creating a version of the site for kids?
That would be difficult because urban legends and viral memes are often expressions of adult fears and concerns and,as such,通常通过不适合儿童的故事传达这些信息。

Do you accept guest posts?
No.尽管邀请客座作家和专家来研究我们日常写作之外的特殊话题的想法很有趣,188bet ios appwe have to be extremely careful to protect the trust we have built with our readers.Properly verifying the credibility of myriad guest writers and their sources requires time and resources we just don't have.

Corrections are always welcome;但请记住,出现在有彩色背景的方框中的文本要么是收集到的民间传说的例子,要么是来自其他来源的引文,不是我们自己写的。我们完全按照找到的内容来复制这些项目,而不是编辑它们来纠正正字法错误。

用我们的接触形式提醒我们你认为势利的任何错误或打字错误,188bet ios app不是引用的来源,已实施。

Technical concerns

I want to put a link to your site on my own site.Is that okay?

No.未经我们许可使用我们的材料是侵犯版权的,即使你的网站是非商业性的,and even if you give us credit.

我们的作者和编辑努力保持我们的信息准确和最新,and when other people reprint our material we no longer have any ability to update it when new information becomes available.Reprinting our material without permission also deprives us of the advertising revenues we need to continue operating this site as a free resource.

You are welcome to link to any of our articles from your site,但是你不能在你自己的网站上复制我们网页的内容,nor may you distribute the text of our articles via email forwards or mailing lists,or by posting them to message boards or blogs.(All of these actions constitute copyright infringement.)

188bet ios appSnopes does not have an API available to the public.如果贵公司有兴趣访问我们的事实检查数据,请联系operations@188bet ios appsnopes.comto discuss potential commercial opportunities.


你为什么不允许在snopes.com上发表评论?188bet ios app
Comment sections can be where civil people go to share thoughtful opinions in a respectful manner.它们也可以是,and often are,places where anonymous trolls look to give you a digital wedgie and insult your mother for a good time.与其投资于主持和缓和评论,we prefer to focus our efforts on what we do best: fact-checking.

That said,我们喜欢听读者的来信。欢迎您在社交媒体或我们的网站上评论我们的故事。Facebook group,你也可以直接与其他snopes的读者接触。188bet ios app

向我们发问,corrections,or concerns,请使用我们的接触形式.

每当我们包含一个链接,将您跳转到我们网站的不同部分(或完全脱离我们的网站)。we open the linked page in a separate window to maintain continuity and ensure that you don't lose your place.


sno188bet ios apppes是由像乔治·索罗斯或科赫兄弟这样的超级捐赠者资助的吗?
No.188bet ios appsnopes是完全独立和自我支持的。如果坐在公共汽车上,我们可能认不出乔治·索罗斯。

Why do you have advertising on your site?
Without ads,we couldn't afford to operate this site as a free resource for everyone.That said,we are committed to providing the best reader experience we can.

If you encounter issues with any advertising on our site,请立即联系我们:邮箱:ado188bet ios appps@snopes.com.请包括尽可能多的细节(例如,name of the advertiser,广告说明,或者广告截屏)。请注意,如果没有这些详细信息(尤其是屏幕截图),我们通常很难确定某个特定问题,因为许多广告针对美国的特定国家或地区;如果地理定位排除了我们居住的地区,we can't see the ads for ourselves.

Some of the ads on your site promote disreputable advertisers or cause problems with my computer.Can you get rid of them?
The advertisements you see on 188bet ios appSnopes.com are provided by Google,Amazon,Facebook,and other large-scale advertising exchanges.它们是基于多种因素提供给用户的,包括但不限于:网页内容,你的浏览历史,以及你所处的位置。

188bet ios appSnopes has little control over which ads display on your screen when you visit our site,但我们确实保持积极的质量控制,以防止误导或“点击诱饵”广告进入混合。有时,坏人会掩盖恶意广告和恶意软件,以绕过我们和合作伙伴的质量控制。We are doing everything in our power to monitor this activity and block those bad actors when and if they get through.

We do our best to ensure the advertisements we carry on our site are as inoffensive as possible,我们过滤掉那些鼓吹党派政治原因或候选人的广告,闪光过度,包含成人材料,play (non-user-initiated) audio,生成多个窗口,自动触发下载,安装恶意软件,or misleadingly claim visitors have won contests or report the presence of viruses or spyware.

However,with several million different advertisers rotating through our site on a daily basis,我们不可能预览我们网站上出现的每一个广告(并审查他们链接到的所有网站)。因此,有时我们不知道我们携带的广告违反了这些准则,直到读者向我们指出。(Some advertisers deliberately change their names from month to month or furtively switch pre-approved ad copy in order to bypass filters and fool advertising agencies and webmasters who have previously excluded their ads.)

If you encounter issues with any advertising on our site,请立即联系我们:邮箱:ado188bet ios appps@snopes.com.请包括尽可能多的细节(例如,name of the advertiser,广告说明,或者广告截屏)。请注意,如果没有这些详细信息(尤其是屏幕截图),我们通常很难确定某个特定问题,因为许多广告针对美国的特定国家或地区;如果地理定位排除了我们居住的地区,we can't see the ads for ourselves.

Why do you place ads so that they cover up some of the text in your articles?
All of our advertising is carefully positioned not to obscure any of the text or other elements within our articles,but not all browsers properly render the code used to align advertisements.If you encounter difficulties in reading an article due to a particular advertisement contained therein,您通常可以通过刷新页面来消除问题,which will (in most cases) cause different ads to display within the article.

如果你在一篇文章页面的搜索引擎输入框中看到一条横幅广告,遇到了困难,you can get around this issue by simply using our mainsearch page.

大多数互联网广告交换使用cookie来跟踪哪些广告已经显示给特定的访问者。这些cookie不会获取或收集任何关于访客的个人信息(如姓名、姓名、电话号码等)。地址,电话号码,或电子邮件地址),and the technical information they do temporarily store (such as geographic location,浏览器类型,and IP address) is used solely for the purpose of targeting ads and measuring a given ad's effectiveness.Nonetheless,some security programs flag such cookies as "adware" and/or mistakenly report cookie placement as an attempt to download software to the user's computer.如果您对使用cookies临时存储非个人信息感到不舒服,您可以删除cookie或更改浏览器的安全设置以防止其接受cookie。